Gas Geyser or an Electric Geyser?

Gas Geyser or an Electric Geyser? Which is Better?

Gas geysers comes at economical prices and cost of water heating also less by using subsidy LPG. But considering significant safety risk involved in gas geysers we do not recommend gas geysers at all, prefer electrical geysers only.

Gas Geyser

Gas geysers make use of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for the purpose of heating. These geyser types have no limited power to heat water. Gas geysers provide incessant flow of heated water and supply immediate heating. Gas geysers are less power efficient than electric geysers and have speedy recovery rate. No wonder they are the expedient choice for bigger families. Gas geyser are once popular in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad. But people are slowly moving away from it in metros due to gas geyser requirements like large bathroom with proper ventilation. 

Types of gas geysers

Gas geyser advantages

Gas geyser disadvantages

To know which is better, a gas geyser or electric geyser, you also need to consider the gas geyser disadvantages.

Gas geyser efficiency

Due to the heat loss from the walls of the storage tank and exhaust gases, the storage gas geysers are pretty ineffective. With gas geysers, water remains hot always and this implies that power is used or lost continually as it is an excellent convenience.

Gas geyser performance

A gas geyser is capable of heating a 50 gallon tank in almost an hour and the time it will use to heat a tank of water again after use (recovery rate) is faster. In case of any power outage, gas geyser still work.

Gas geyser cost and lifespan

Gas geysers are less expensive than the electric geyser. However, as far as lifespan is concerned, electric geysers have longer lifespan than gas geysers, depending on the owner maintenance and quality of local water.

Electric Geyser

Simply because of the convenience provided by electric geysers, they have become very universal. With electric geyser, copper coil is used to convert electricity to heat energy. More than a few changes have been made to this type of geyser but the fundamental principle is similar.

Types of Electric Geysers

Uses an electric heating element situated in the water tank. In order to reduce heat loss, high-efficiency units feature additional insulation. Two types of electric geysers are available to choose from, electrical instant geysers and electrical storage geysers. 

Electric geyser advantages

Electric geyser disadvantages

How electric geyser works

The flow of electricity conveys heat energy to the water contained in the tank and the water is then delivered all the way through the pipelines. It works on the convection principle. Which is better, a gas geyser or electric geyser now that you can identify the types of gas and electric geysers. Which is better, a gas geyser or an electric geyser will depend on a number of factors including:

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