Cylinders acceptable for exchange

Cylinders not acceptable
Due to safety concerns, cylinders will not be accepted for exchange if they have:

Faulty cylinders customer returns

LPG cylinders exchange process

The LPG industry has adopted a general practice for the EXCHANGE of LPG cylinders to allow consumers and LPG users to swap one brand of LPG cylinder for another. However, this arrangement only applies to LPG cylinders owned by LPG suppliers who provide their cylinders to the market on a loan basis, against the payment of a refundable cylinder deposit. This provides greater accessibility of LPG to consumers and allows users the ability to switch between suppliers, should they need to.

The exchange process requires that certain opposition cylinders that come into the possession of LPG suppliers as a result of the exchange practice are returned to the repsective company and vice versa. It is important therefore for Afrox as a responsible supplier to ensure that we only accept LPG cylinders that are part of the exchange or swap system.

Handigas cylinders and other Afrox brands that CAN BE accepted

It is important to note that Afrox has over the years purchased other LPG companies and while most of the LPG cylinders that we have purchased are branded in the Afrox/Handigas brand, there are still cylinders in the market that are still branded in the previous branding and they include: