Gas Geyser

The Benefits of Using a Gas Geyser

A gas geyser is a water heater that uses gas that heats water in a hot water tank system and provides you with a continuous flow of instant hot water. The tank is isolated and can conserve heat over long periods and in terms of efficiency, it is the most energy-efficient geysers you can find. A gas geyser is a system that uses a storage tank supplied by gas to heat the water to a set degree. The gas burner will automatically come on when needed to maintain the heat of the stored water. Most units come with adjustable thermostats to set the water temperature. Gas geysers are generally more expensive to buy and install than an electric hot water system, but it is much cheaper to run in the long run. Gas geysers also come in a range of tank sizes from 10 litre and more, while some units use a special fuel system to recirculate the gas increasing the heat transfer into the water and increasing its efficiency.

Faster Than Electric

Gas geysers are roughly twice as fast as heating water compared to electric models. An electric heater may take an hour to heat a 100-litre water tank, whereas a gas model can heat twice the amount within the same time frame. This means you are less likely to run out of hot water. A gas geyser is a better option for larger families because electric geysers may have trouble keeping up with the demands for hot water.

Cost-Effective Operational Costs

With the rising costs of electricity, gas geysers have become more popular. In most parts of the world, gas is cheaper than electricity. This means that gas geysers have lower operational costs compared to models that use electricity to heat the water. The initial costs of installing a gas geyser are quite expensive, however, using this type of water heater will be more economical in the long run.

Don’t Lose Hot Water during Blackouts

One of the best benefits of a gas geyser in South Africa where we are no strangers to power outages is that they can operate without electricity. This initially means that even during power outages, you don’t have to suffer or have cold showers all. Your hot water supply will remain unaffected.

Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of a gas geyser is that it is extremely energy efficient. Installing a gas geyser is a much better option than electricity, as gas burns hot and very little heat is wasted. You can also opt for an instantaneous gas geyser system which only heats the water as you need it. This means no more losses from your storage tank.

Environmentally Friendly

One major benefit of gas water systems for your home is that it is such an environmentally friendly option. The gas used to produce hot water burns very clean so that there aren’t any emissions produced. This will result in cleaner air and less pollution which is good for the environment.

As many multi-person households know, there is nothing worse than running out of hot water and then having to wait for a couple of hours for the water to heat up again. A gas geyser will heat a fresh tank of water very quickly to help you prevent these unpleasant situations. Choosing the instantaneous gas geyser will mean that you and your family will never run out of hot water as it is heated on demand.

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