Gas Geyser

Gas on the Run is registered LP Gas supplier, our knowledge is Gas Geysers, gas cylinders, gas stoves and gas cages. This ensures more savings to our clients since they do not need to wonder if they bought the right geyser and gas bottles for their home.

Why GAS Geysers is a good money saving option:

With the increasing costs of electricity and conventional methods of water heating, a gas geyser can save you money each month. With a gas water heater, you are not paying for your geyser to be kept warm all the time because gas geysers works with pulse igniters that ignites the second you open your warm water tap. Also the second you close the hot water tap your gas water heater stops, giving you hot water when needed. Buy a gas geyser online today, it is easy as 123. We Have a wide range of gas geysers for sale and our gas water heater prices are very compatible.

Advantages of an L P G Geyser Unit

  • GAS Geyser prices are affordable
  • Exchange your electric Geyser with an Instant L P G Water Heater & Save on Energy expenses.
  • Economical Hot Water .Energy efficient, Water is only heated when required.
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint.
  • Hot Water accessible off the Power Alert Grid.
  • Long Lifecycle & No risk of burst Geyser.
  • No Pilot Flame-Instant Pulse Ignition.
  • Simple & Safe.
  • The “Future” of Domestic Hot Water.
  • Affordable Capital Expense.
  • Optimum performance depends on length of water flow.
  • Full South African Warrantee
  • SABS & SANS1539-2005
  • LPGSA Certified


5 things to consider when buying a geyser

Buyers must not look at just the cost, but also the reliability of the unit and its back up. You don’t want a disposable option. We are fully versed in the technicalities and repair of these units and carry a full range of reasonably priced spares should they be required. In most cases problems can be resolved by a telephone call.


In South Africa there are a number of unscrupulous operators who bring in and sell cheap units which have not been thoroughly tested and certified by LPGSA with their Safe Appliance Certificate. Please ensure that the unit is compliant before buying it. All our units are rigorously tested and certified.


The cheaper the unit, the cheaper the parts. We have supplied better solenoids, better diaphragms, better micro switches and heavier radiators just to name a few.

Know your geyser requirements

No one model does everything. Fill a timed bucket of water to determine the size of the unit needed.

Simply do the following to assist you in choosing the correct size:
1 - measure the water flow per minute at two to three different taps in and around the house. (Take a large bucket and simply open the tap for 1 minute and measure the quantity in the bucket)

2 - once you have determined the waterflow per minute you choose the size geyser according to that.

Example: If you get around 10L per minute then you install a 12L unit. Do not install an over-sized geyser as it will over-heat and shut down

Best Practice

Your length of run of piping from the unit to the outlet should not be more than 5 meters as not only do you have to run the water to eliminate cold water and heat up the pipe but it also cools down over distance. Also ensure that your regulator and size of gas bottle suits your unit.