Gas Stoves

LPG GAS supplier for Gas Stove or Kitchen Appliance

Have your gas stove or other gas operated kitchen appliance? Why not allow us to professionally supply you the equipment. Gas Stoves provide the home with not only a convenient and energy saving way to cook but offer an elegant and level of sophistication to your home.
You have made not only made an environmentally friendly but long term investment in your new gas appliance that will serve you your home and pocket well in the near future. With soaring electricity bills and unreliable power supply, gas is now the go-to option that provides reliability and uninterrupted supply.


We will supply you with the appliances and you just need the right person for your gas line and as prescribed under new legislation. We are suppliers who pride ourselves on quality workmanship. A factor to take into account:

  • Whether you would require one or two gas bottles, two LPG gas bottles would be the general as this then provides for a backup bottle. LPG gas bottle sizes vary from 9 kg, 19kg and 48kg. The larger bottles would provide greater value for money and have a longer life span.

Advantages of having a gas stove

  • Provides the right temperature - The flame from the burner of such a stove can be modified according to the requirement and provides the right heat to cook food with the help of manual dials that allow the modification. The heat is emitted immediately unlike electric stoves that take time to heat up and then allow the utensil to heat. The temperature modification system allows people to cook any food of their choice.
  • Even distribution of heat - The heat emitted out of this stove is centralized and is made to spread evenly to the utensil that is being used to cook food. There is no space for heat to get cluttered and thus to prevent burnt food.
  • Lesser emission of heat - These stoves are known to emit lesser heat than any other cooking medium as the natural gas limits itself only to the surface of the burner to emit heat. Once the stove is turned off, the heat disappears, unlike electric stoves that have the heat lingering until the stove completely cools down.
  • Quick cooking time - As the heat is emitted immediately after the stove is turned on, the cooking time is reduced. Other cooking methods take time to heat up as well as to cool down. The heat is adjustable and thus letting people take heed of the cooking process and thus having the food cooked in a lesser time.
  • Works without power - If there is no power supply, an electric stove would be of no use. A gas stove doesn't require any power supply and can be used anytime and anywhere. It doesn't get affected by any weather conditions and thus provide the same services whenever people are in need of it.

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