Gas vs. Electric Stoves

When choosing between a gas and electric stove, there are several differences to consider. Each range type has its own advantages, so choosing the right one for your home comes down to your kitchen priorities, like favoring an easy to clean stove over something better for cooking. To help with your decision, here are the top five benefits of both gas and electric stoves.

Top 5 Advantages of an Electric Stove:

1. Initial Cost

Unless your kitchen is already equipped with lines for a gas oven, it will be cheaper up front to install an electric range. Electric stoves also tend to cost less than gas stoves of comparable quality. Depending on the type of cooktop and the features you need, electric stoves are available in a spectrum of prices to meet your budget and cooking needs.

2. Cleanability

Cleaning is a breeze if you have an electric range with a smooth top. Messes from cooking can be wiped from the flat surface in seconds. On traditional electric stoves, you can remove the coils and drip pans to easily clean the cooktop and the surface underneath.

3. Even Heating

The electric heating elements of conventional ovens are known for their dry and even baking. Electric convection ovens use an integrated fan to circulate the hot air and bake even more efficiently, which removes the likelihood of hotspots and helps with even cooking.

4. Energy Efficient

Electric cooktops use a higher percentage of the energy they consume to actually cook. An induction cooktop paired with magnetic cookware is by far the most efficient and can boil water almost twice as fast as a regular stove thanks to electromagnetic technology. This means you’ll make the most of the energy you pay for.

5. Use Plastic Refrigerator Bins

Safety in the kitchen is always important to consider, especially in households with children. Electric ranges usually feature a “hot surface” indicator light, and induction cooktops will only heat the area the pot is touching, leaving the rest of the cooktop safe to touch. There is no need to worry about malfunctioning pilot lights or gas leaks.

Top 5 Advantages of a Gas Stove:

1. Better Cooktop Control

Gas burners allow instant changes in heat while cooking because a flame doesn’t need any time to warm up or cool down like electric burners. Both beginner and professional chefs often prefer gas burners when they need rapid changes in heat for certain recipes and don’t want to use multiple burners on various settings.

2. Durable

The metal grates on gas stove tops are hardier than the electric range smoothtops. Smooth cooktops are made of glass or ceramic, so more care is needed to avoid scratching or cracking the surface. Metal grates will be able withstand heavy or rough-textured cookware without any problems.

3. Cost Effective

When paying for utilities, gas is generally cheaper than electricity. Even if the cost of your gas range is initially more expensive, paying less in utilities will save you money in the long run. These savings can especially add up if you cook a lot.

4. Cookware Friendly

If you cook with a wok or other cookware with rounded bottoms, gas burners are a must. The flame from a gas burner will heat your pots more evenly, making them perfect for everyday cookware and unusually shaped cookware alike.

5. Emergency Ready

If the power is out at your home, you can still cook dinner on most gas stoves. Just manually ignite the burners with a match or lighter. This makes gas ranges a major benefit for homes in areas that often experience inclement weather and extended outages.

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