How to Store your Gas Cylinder Safely

Cages must be located outdoors and as a guide:

Many homeowners have chosen gas for at least one of their household appliances, whether it be for cooking, spatial heating or water heating.

Easily one of the biggest motivators for this is that gas is one of the most affordable and renewable sources of energy available to us. However, due to the dangerous nature of unsafe gas cylinders, it’s important that everyone in the household is aware of the gas cylinder storage regulations in South Africa.

Gas Cylinder Storage Do’s

Store your Cylinder in an Upright Position

For safety reasons, gas cylinders are designed to be oversized. This means that even when they are full, there will still be some empty space available in the cylinder to allow the gas to expand. This empty space is known as an ullage.

The pressure relieve valve must be positioned in the ullage and for that to happen, the cylinder must be stored upright and, on a sturdy, level surface.

Store your Cylinder in a Well-Ventilated Area

Although gas is perfectly safe when it’s inside its cylinder, it can cause severe damage if it leaks, especially into an enclosed space.

Therefore, in the event of an accidental leak, it’s important that you store your gas cylinder in a well-ventilated area so as to prevent issues related to gas build up.

Keep your Gas Cylinder Cool

Heat creates pressure and a gas cylinder under pressure is extremely dangerous. Under normal circumstances, the pressure relief valve will release any excess pressure that builds up, but these valves can become faulty, especially if not properly maintained.

Therefore, keep your gas cylinder far away from direct sunlight and any other sources of heat such as open flames, radiators and stoves.

Gas Storage Don’ts

Don’t Store your Gas Cylinder Below Ground Level

If you store your gas cylinder in a basement or cellar and it starts to leak, the gas will not be able to dissipate, creating a build up of gas in an enclosed space.

Don’t Smoke Near your Gas Cylinder

It’s not always possible to detect or identify a leaking gas cylinder, so it’s important to not smoke anywhere near any gas cylinders. Lighting a match or igniting a lighter to light your cigarette could be fatal.

Don’t Neglect Your Gas Cylinder

Regardless of how long you store your gas cylinder for, it still needs regular repair and maintenance. This ensures that the pressure relief valves and all other safety mechanisms are working properly.